Our terms and conditions

Findapart has been Britains Leading Used Auto Parts Location Service for over 30 years. In basic terms we operate as an introducer between people needing parts (customers) and Used / Recycled Part suppliers. All negotiations on the actual Parts are directly between Parts Buyer and Supplier which ensures that the Best Price and Deal for both sides is the end result. We do not act as agents, add a hidden commission on parts or make any direct profit on the parts found or supplied so can not be held responsible for any error with parts ordered or parts supplied or fitting services. The customer is solely responsible in checking that all parts quotes received contain the correct information, that all part quotes supplied by the part supplier conform and are consistent with the part quote requested. The customer is also solely responsible for keeping appropriate records of all conversation with suppliers be it by phone or email.

All Parts ordered are covered by the specific supplier's warranties and Findapart can not be held responsible for any problems or discrepancies. No refunds will be given by Findapart to any customer for parts incorrectly ordered or any parts supplied incorrectly. The customer is responsible for checking that parts ordered are the correct part/s. Should a customer have any problems with any ordered parts the customer must take the issue up directly with the supplier.

Governing Law (UK)

The client, the customer and the supplier shall hold the 'introducer' (Findapart) harmless in and from all claims, liabilities, damages and detriments not arising from the introducers actual negligence or malfeasance. The client, customer and supplier irrevocably covenant, promise and agree to hold the 'introducer' harmless from and against all losses, claims, expenses, suits, damages, costs, demands or liabilities, joint or several, of whatever kind or nature that the client, customer or supplier may experience as a result of using the services of the 'introducer'.

Fitting Services

Find a Part has over the last 30 years become the trusted source for Quality Used Auto Parts by the British Motor Trade and we have thousands of regular trade users. If you request a fitting quote these traders may contact you either by email or telephone if they can help. However, Find a Part will not get involved in any disputes in the unlikely event of a problem arising with a parts fitting centre.

Customer Advice

No parts must be altered, modified or dismantled in any way without prior permission of the 'part supplier'. Failure to comply with these terms will invalidate your guarantee / warranty. In the event that a part/parts is/are supplied and prove to be incorrect or faulty upon fitting, the supplying member must be notified within 48 hours.

Refunds are can only made upon the RETURN of the goods to the 'parts suppliers' premises.

All engines purchased must be fitted with a new timing belt / cam belt / chain and filled with new oil upon installation. Failure to follow this PROCEDURE will result in the guarantee / warranty being rendered NULL and void.

Please ensure all gearboxes are filled with new oil upon installation.

Please ensure all goods are checked thoroughly before being signed for as refunds are not always possible for goods that have been damaged whilst in transit. The words unexamined or unchecked ON the delivery note / docket are not acceptable.

All parts purchased are supplied on a part(s) only basis. Findapart and members of its network are unable to accept any responsibility for labour charges incurred in the fitting or removal of parts. Nor do we accept any responsibility for vehicle hire charges or any other consequential loss.

Please note all members of the network are independent from ourselves, therefore we recommend that you make a note of the telephone numbers and names of the company(s) that you receive quotations from.

Finally Findapart are unable to accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any parts or fitting services purchased via this network, or for any damage or loss that may result.